Sometimes I get paint on things…..

Labradoodle with pearls

The auspicious beginnings of this blog were in the ruins of my then-known life.

My life melted down in my mid 40’s, and I, divorced mother of 4 young boys, began the process of reinventing, rediscovering and reinvisioning the future.

The blog name came from my efforts to seduce myself back into painting.  It felt like trying to play the piano after 25 years; the expectations were high and the ability atrophied. So I sewed–because I can’t sew, zippers are a mystery to me, thus I had no expectation of success. Quickly, my desire to decorate the skirts overpowered my interest in engineering them and out came the paint brushes.  VICTORY!

Join me in the journey. If Life gives you a dirt pile, don’t just plant a garden, cultivate a jungle!!!



Tiffany tihany Harris   That would be me. Late 40’s I mean really late….Mother of 4 bodacious boys, Artist, Philosopher (amateur), Equestrian, Former RN,  Creatrix.

The Whirlwind.  Exuberant. Vocabulary straight out of an audiobook. Can talk for 20 miles with taking a breath. Cookie baker extraordinaire and my personal assistant.

The PuppyWhisperer.  Eyes like chips out of the deepest blue sky.  Kinesthetic boy of boys. Animals love him.

The Professor.  Walking encyclopedia, mountain biker, aspiring computer programmer, gourmet cook, talented actor.  Taller than me!!

The Manchild.   Intellectual. Techie. Mountain Man. Revolutionary war actor.  College student in Australia.

Other Characters. chickens, equines, felines, canines.



14 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your blog…I am enjoying all of your insight! Thanks for sharing yourself, your inner soul and words of wisdom. Looking forward to more…

  2. Wow… what a great site, I have spent hours scouring the internet for someone with your talent and creativity with the ‘artwear’. We have two galleries in Tubac, AZ and I have been trying very hard to find pieces like yours that are fun, beautiful, whimsical and to top it off, beautiful. Do you wholesale? How can I see your deisgns? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your time & wonderful gifts to the world!
    Mike & Darcy Fisher
    La Esplendida
    Tubac, AZ

  3. Haha! You got a real block-buster going on there!
    Love the cast descriptions : )

    BTW, thanks for liking my art, mighty gald to have discovered your blog as a consequence.

  4. You are Gorgeous so is you art! Lucky young men to have such an awesome mom… Lucky as well is the man in your life to have you! :) Thnak you for creating and sharing your works here!

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