The Begining

Beautiful words just popped up on my email.  WordPress. Activate, New Site: askirtaweek.  I just love the words NEW and ACTIVATE.  They have energy, possibility, shininess.

I procrastinated this for several months.  Several is more than a couple.  If you have 4 children, you may not want to admit this in the company of parents with one or two.  People’s eyes get wide, wider still if you say , “4 BOYS,”.   So, as to not draw so much attention to yourself, you might say you have “several children.”  See how that works.  Sounds better.  Calmer.  Sane.  People think you are normal , at least until the next outrageous thing that pops out of your mouth.  So, back to my original point and that is, I have procrastinated for SEVERAL months (this was a new year’s resolution, shhhhhh), and now I have done it!  Whew!!!  Lets celebrate.


  1. Pantone? You both lost me! Although, I can relate to barriers even with just two underaged munchkins. Any brilliant thoughts on how to juggle sports, church, jobs, and life will be greatly appreciated! 😉

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