Limiting input

I wonder, when you have had a life’s meltdown and you are past the whining, fussing and gathering ammunition stage, if you need to limit input.   You have made decisions, you see clearly where you want to go.  No longer are you soliciting open ended, endless and sweeping opinions on your life.  You have bushels and baskets of opinions, advice, sympathy.  You have opened your eyes to what is the truth of your life, you whined, kicked and complained, and then you began to accept and take in the real data.  You talked to your friends and family about your life. Alternatively flinching and wilting at the things people told you they saw about your life, you nevertheless took it all in and added it to the DATA. You thought, contempted, evaluated, prayed, cried, bargained, lost courage, prostrated yourself before your life, but you no longer hid.  Your eyes were now WIDE OPEN.  After all that, you decided, painfully, but as honestly as you could, what you would now do to fix your life.

This is the time to limit INPUT, methinks.  Now that you have had made decisions, you know where you want to go, you have a strong image of where you want to end up, even if you don’t know exactly how to get there. Even if the only thing you really know is that it is too hard for your old self.  Now, you need to silence all the chatter and blithe advice and just move.  One foot, then the other.

The social media (read advice, input, helpful opinions) now becomes distracting and distressing.  Chances are your sweet friends and doting mother do not fully understand where you are going now.  They are afraid for you.  Heck, you are afraid for yourself but you don’t need to carry someone else’s fear, your backpack of emotions is enough for one woman warrior.  It feels weird to no longer want input when for many months, you soaked it up.  Now is the time to move boldly forward.  To your destiny, now that you have decided to embrace it.  Gently and sweetly mute the voices that distract you, sway you, and though never consciously, seek to maintain the status quo.  Scrawl empowering quotes on your mirror and listen to your dreams.  You already spent a lot of time looking, weighing and deciding. Trust yourself, put on your noise-cancelling headphones (or borrow your teenager’s) and MOVE on.


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