Up or Down the Side Seams

Time for side seams.

I had to rest after learning to use my new machine.  A couple days.  But I am ready now.  Geared up.  Thinking optimistically about how I will just zoom up those 2 straight side seams and then, stop in the right place, clip my thread and, Tah Dah, it will almost be a skirt.

Do you know you are supposed to sew UP?  You should sew from the hem up to the waist band.  That is what they taught me in Home Ec.  Hey, I bet I am one of the youngest people still living that took Home Ec in high school.  It was sort of a rebellious thing.  All my friends were super smart, hunching under 100 pound loads of text books and jostling for position in Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, Honors Astrophysics with an Emphasis in Latin Conjugation.  I could not compete.  I was not smart enough to jostle for 29nd or 50th place in those classes,  I would rather spend the classtime wondering  why Ella James (names changed to protect me)  had a new outfit every other day and was she more likely to attract boys and end up marrying a millionaire because she could buy all those new clothes?

So I followed my passion and took Home Ec instead of Honors Calculus with Geoalgebraic  Angles.  After all,  what is more practical?  I wear clothes everyday, and eat (never miss a meal).  I certainly don’t calculate past 2nd grade math or measure anything that has an angle.  Ever.  Even I don’t have angles, only curves.  Purrrrr.

As I was saying.  You are supposed to sew uphill, so to speak, according to Ms Vanderhoot, my Home Ec teacher, because of Gravity.  Yep, You read that right here folks, GRAVITY.  Gravity pulls things down, unravels things. If you don’t believe me, look in the mirror. So the thinking is, if you sew against GRAVITY, your seams will stay together and last longer.  Now, I am not sure that logic would have gotten me an A in Honors Calculus but there is truly something to be said for fighting gravity.  And not becoming unraveled.

So,  I sit here, paralyzed by visions of my newly wound bobbin fighting with the upper thread and snarling into a massive  heap of thread like Rumplestiltzskin’s golden filaments.  I am not sure I need to worry about my skirt unraveling on the seams because, well, don’t throw rotten tomatoes all you home ec teachers and sewing afficianandos, but, well, I don’t even know if I can wash this skirt.  You see, (TRUE CONFESSIONS) I didn’t prewash.  So this may be just a disposable skirt.  Wear, wash, unravel and throw away. Or maybe will be shrink and be my next apron.

So here is my main point. (Ha you thought I had already made a point but I fooled you).  You can come to my blog to fight gravity, enjoy some ramblings and a neurotic tale of woe , but don’t be coming here to actually learn the right way to do something.   I am a recovering legalist and I am giving up worrying about the right way to sew, cook, or love someone.  This blog is about creating, learning (the hard way), and dancing because when life blows up your skirt, you do your best and blame the rest on creative license.


  1. You go, girl! One of the most liberating things I ever learned is that there is often more than one “right” way to do a lot of things. You’ll never find out if you keep sewing bottom to top.

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