First Skirt

It is time to bring the first skirt to the audience, all two of you.  Thank you, Thank you.  My time is long past and I can admit to defeat and success in this endeavor.  Or rather, visa versa.  The first victory is that it fits.  The second, that is hasn’t unraveled, yet. The third, that I wore it and photographed it.  The sad backstory is that after all that work, I may never wear it again. Defeat.

Why? you say.  It’s so cute.  Why would you not wear it?

Well, dear reader, I mean readers , because after all that drama over installing the zipper, I must sadly inform you the zipper is stuck.  Yes!!!  Stuck.  Up. Jammed. Nonfunctional. Gripped tight. Rigor Mortis and all that.  I know one of you dear readers worries about your zipper being down during a speaking engagement.  Well, I worry about wearing  this skirt because the zipper is stuck up and my hips do not….oh never mind.

Alas!  Treasure the photos.  This sight may never come again because if it did, that would mean that I had succumbed to ripping it out and RE installing it.  We haven’t discussed Ripping Out; it is an exercise similar to Installing a Zipper or, say, pulling your nose hairs out or waxing—the floor (got ya).

So shed a tear for the skirt that won’t be and lets move on.


  1. Hmmm, better get that very cute skirt out of the house and straight off to Good Will or it will call you from the closet; beckon from under the bed, in the barn or basement; wake you from your dreams; and generally annoy the heck out of you until you rip and fix.

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