The Seam Ripper

I remember how the fairy tale goes now. Thumblina, in her frustration and haste to rip out the seam and do it again for the 50th time, pierces her finger on her seam ripper and instantly falls into a deep sleep. It’s understandable;  I feel like I need a nap too after I had had a challenge.  Threading the bobbin, learning a new machine, ripping out stitches all qualify as soporific inducing events .  Even though Thumbelina’s pattern for the ball gown she was sewing says SEWING FOR DUMMIES: NO ZIPPER INVOLVED, she still messed up!  (did you catch that, dear Reader, in the photo I doctored in another post?) It was a simple skirt– no zipper, no separate waist band, no buttons, just elastic in a simple casing.  Anyone can do it right?  Wrong.  REDO on a simple casing.  My boys, being products of the internet-digital age that they are, would yell, “Pause! Rewind!”

Well, I did pause, practice some vegan explicatives, and start over.  THREE TIMES!  I think I have finally figured it out.  No help from the pattern directions, mind you.  So, sew on Thumbelina.  One more time before your nap!!

PS  The Professor tells me that Thumbelina did not pierce her finger, that was another bewitched damsel.  I do know that, my dear Reader, I do know.  It’s called ARTISTIC  LICENSE or storytelling!


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