7 Great Things About Getting Older Part 2

One of the two of you, my dear readers, may remember Part 1 of this topic.  I couldn’t think of anything great about getting older.  I am still thinking. In the meantime, I have decide to take a new approach.  I will interview people about this topic, as your reporter-on-the-street, so to speak.

So, here is our first victim, interviewee.

“Tell me something great about getting older.”

Child, age 6. “I can get a driver’s license and drive you anywhere you want to go, Mom. And I’ll keep the car clean. Does the driver’s license include anything about keeping your car clean because I can’t read.”

Boy, age 8 with sly grin. “You are closer to going to heaven.”

Preteen, age 11 1/2, “You get more privileges, like you can get a job.”

Adolescent boy, age 14 1/2, “The insurance rates go down on sports cars.”

So, there you have it. Motivating reasons to get older. Thank you boys.


  1. You could probably fill a library with things that have been written about the horrors of getting old. I’ve long held the (unoriginal) belief that aging is inevitable, but getting old is choice. I’ve known some old 20-somethings and young 80-somethings, so…. I choose not to get old, and these days that is a daily choice. But I can be uppity, opinionated, totally honest, uninterested in corporate or social ladder climbing, politically incorrect, and interested in odd things and just be called “weird,” or a dufas (spelling?) or a dork. I think I was probably the same person back in the day, inside, but I had to keep it hidden—wow, pressure. But now, and this is the very best part of being old—no, the second best—I don’t care what anybody thinks. Well, mostly anybody. It’s a tremendous, joyous freedom to only have to answer to me and God. This is who I am. I like who I am. Finally! But the very absotively, posolutely best thing is that I get to be the kid again that most kids today don’t get to be.

  2. Boy, age 8. You get money by getting a job but it’s not much fun.
    Girl, age 12. You aren’t being told what to do and you can think for yourself.


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