The New Leopard Print Skirt

After slaving over a hot sewing machine, slippery fabric, jabbing pins, and a deja vu pattern, there is a new skirt!

Ta Dah!

The pattern is the same as the last one, McCalls 2255.  This one is the short version.  I must have learned something because I did not have to rip out the casing 3 times.  While it is important to follow the directions, it also helps to stand back and see the big picture.

The Occasion: the Unveiling of The Skirt

The Setting: a new and scrumptious restaurant in Redlands CA called North of Cabo. Try the fajitas with marinated tofu. They will blow your skirts up!  (or kilt, not to be sexist)  Yum.

The Company: Danielle, my fashion forward fabulous friend flowing over with witticisms (more later).

Places everyone!!! Places!!  Ready?

(my faithful audience)

Here we go: The Leopard Print No-Rip-Outs Skirt


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