Ultimately You Have to Buy Your Own Story

The storytellers among us can set the stage, whet the appetite, swirl visions before our eyes, stir longings, build lofty goals, but in the long run, you have to spin your own life.  You have to buy your own story.  If you don’t hear  the tale you want to tell, see the vision of your legacy, feel the passion of your own gifts, who will? Not your boss, brother or best friend.  And probably not even your spouse, certainly not your ex. We all have our very own stories to live.  You must believe in your own destiny so much that you can push through other people’s competing stories to tell your own. Your story needs to have your fingerprints all over it.

This does not mean that other’s stories aren’t important. It just means that you have a place in the tapestry of the human race, a niche no one else can fill. And no one else will weave you in.  Only you can do that.  Then, the threads of your life will loop and dance and curve  in the warp and weft of other’s lives, making pockets of color and vibrant graphics on the embroidered canvas of humanity’s history.


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