Dress with Attitude or Mediation 4

When you are in a fighting battle for your life, your dignity, your personhood, your reputation, dress up. With the right clothing, you can slip on an Attitude .  It’s not unlike putting on your suit of armor, but less restrictive.  If you are being taken down a notch, ramp up the Attitude.  Feel good about yourself.; it’s the best revenge.  Y ou are a person worthy of respect  because you are loved by your Maker.

Maybe it’s a shallow fact but it is a fact nonetheless, people respond to how you look.  So if you put on a feminine flirty dress and some heels, a little tiny bit of sass to temper the sweetness and go to the grocery store, someone will respond. I guarantee it.  A door will be held for you, a smile, a comment.  Even if it’s just the produce guy.  Promise.  If not, keep shopping.

If you aren’t happy with your fit in clothes, then try on the shoes.  There are wonderful  creatively designed blingy and cheeky shoes out there right now.  Wedges, platforms, sparklely flat sandals, ballet flats festooned with bouquets, colorful heels with straps and laces….Yum.  I love the tall platform wedges.   I can finally be the right height for my weight!!

So if you have to stand up to manipulations, guilt trips and denial of your reality,  fight back.  Wear leopard boots.  Mine aren’t cowboy boots but  they are  “made for walking……..”


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