Oh To Fail

How boring to look back over your life and say, “I never did anything wrong.  I never failed.”  That would mean you never stuck your neck out, never wrestled , never loved to your marrow, never cried gut-cleansing tears, never found the edges of your limits, never soared after crashing, never looked back and were able to say,

I overcame.

I was scared and I went on.

I had courage, though, at the time, it didn’t taste like courage; it tasted like bile.

I was stronger than I ever dreamed I could be.

And there is no arrogance in that strength.  It is a humbling strength, born out of brokenness, compassion and connection.


      1. Yes indeed we learn more I do believe from our mistakes than we do from our success. May we be moldable that we may learn from the precious and gentle hand of our savior Jesus Christ.

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