Butterfly skirt

Ok, everyone.  Time for another skirt.  We aren’t doing exactly a skirt a week but hey, who is counting?  Not me.  So gather round everyone.

Ready.  Set.  Go.

This was a linen fabric with sequined butterflies.  Hey, it looked good on the bolt.  Being a linen, it was much easier to cut and stitch than the ephemeral wispy fabrics that slip out from under you.  My faith in sewing was almost restored.

Danielleis still blow drying her petunias, so I prevailed upon another dear friend, Jenelle, to go Top Less Skirt shopping with me.  We wanted to dress this skirt down and do the unexpected, so we put a casual top with it, and other beach-y things.  The store clerks looked at us very strangely as we had a photo session in the front of the store, then carefully put everything back, buying nothing.  But, it was not illegal, immoral or fattening and no one was hurt.

Thank you, Thank you.


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