Contest on a Shoe String

We (it’s really I but sounds more like a party and not a dictatorship if I say we), are having a CONTEST!!!!!!  whoo-hooo. Streamers, confetti.  Send in your CAPTIONS for the following photos and WIN.   The budget is nonexistent here, this isn’t Pioneer Woman who gives away color copiers and herds of cattle, so the winner here gets some shoe inserts and laces with attitude.  Free!!!  Postage is $15 .  Just kidding.  Put your CAPTIONS in the comment section and I will ask 3 strangers who look like they might have a sense of humor to choose.  After they choose, I will have the final say.  The winner (s) will get their shoe insoles and laces with attitude in the mail!!!!  FREE.   And you will have the warm fuzzy satisfaction of knowing you WON something sometime in your life and made me laugh.

PS. Chances of winning are HIGH, like 1 in 3, due to our high readership.  So APPLY  ENTER  TODAY.




Second PHOTO


Third PHOTO–she doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but…….oh sorry………



Contest ends June 1st.  Void where prohibited.  After I announce the winners, you will need to email me your mailing address, unless, of course, you are my mother–I know where you live.


  1. only because i am in desperate need of nonwhite shoe laces, had some picked out at target but the line was soo slow i left them there and made for the exit.
    caption ” i dont care what my friends say, he listens to me, never argues, lets me dress him and waits like a saint while i shop. down side, not a great kisser. upside never have to wash his socks.”

  2. 1. Otherwise, I would have keeled over.

    2. This is me getting to second base with some dummy.

    3. I’m all set for Dancing With The Stars

    4. Let us praise those who have given their arms and legs for fashion.

    5. I just dated a cop and he loaned me his sunglasses.

  3. Oh Dahling, you just have to see what I bought…what? What did you say? I cahn’t hear you…tah, tah, I must go shopping!

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