Heart Attack of Awesome

I love this!!

Heart Attack of Awesome.

Don’t you just wonder what that would be?  I just read this phrase on Chris Guillebeau’s site, The Art of Non-Conformity, and I was captivated by it’s possible meanings.

So I ask you, what would a Heart Attack of Awesome look like to you?  Ever had one?  What could happen in your life that would inspire you to describe it that way?  Would you order that if it were on the menu of your life?  What would it look like, taste like, feel like?  What graphic could I ever put on here that would ever illustrate that amazing imagery?

Click on Comments below and tell us about your Heart Attack of Awesome–either experienced or hoped for.

PS If you can’t relate to this phrase at all, then I am worried about you. We need to talk.

Everyone should at least once, and preferably as many times as possible, be able to say they had a Heart Attack of Awesome.   If you don’t pack your life full of interesting, engaging, awesome experiences, it will fly by without amazing memories to bookmark your days.   Compression of time comes with the mundane, day to day, over and over again sameness.  A full rich life is memorable and seems longer. Make memories and look for Heart Attacks of Awesome!

Read Jonah’s Foer’s book, Moonwalking with Einstein for more on memory.



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