The One Hour NOT Skirt Revealed

I know, I know. It’s about time.  I have been having technical difficulties.  Mostly with my photographers.  They are a bit short and inexperienced so usually the picture is missing some part of my body. After 69 takes, we finally got a reasonable likeness of it (I mean the skirt) , so gather around everyone.

This is the ONE HOUR SKIRT–NOT.  The pattern failed to disclosure that this skirt has 29 miles of meandering hemline and 9 other seams to finish.  For those of you who sagely don’t sew, these sorts of hems require measuring up 5/8 ” with a tiny ruler and folding on that line. Then,  a steaming hot iron is run over the fold, between your fingers, which means you won’t need to hold anyone’s hand for 3 days as you won’t be able to feel it. Pining the fold is next while folding it again so that the cut edge is tucked inside and ‘won’t fray therefore providing a beautiful seam which no one else except your grandma-who-sews will see and appreciate. This maneuver requires deft fingers, difficult when they are  singed like you put out the fires of hell with your bare hands. Then, of course you have to sew that up and remove all the pins just before the sewing machine runs over them and snaps the needle.  That, of course, would  necessitate a trip to the fabric store for new needles which might mean you would pick up more fabric and cause all this pain and grief to yourself again. Sigh.


This is a Wrap skirt, meaning when the wind blows, like it does here in the pass area, you can flash your gams to the world.   One side ties to the other on the side of the waist.  The fabric is a drab olive green with a bit of a sheen.  Ok, that is enough to know.  It is also Top Less, so, since this is a family show, it is modeled with clothes on. Underneath. Ah-hem.

Here it is being modeled. Kinda. One of the few shots where I have feet.

If you look very closely, with his head almost equal with the door knob, you can peek at my pint sized photographer.

Oh, and here is a Top.  Whew, that was close.

Thanks for your support.

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