The Blah Days

What do we do with the “blah” days.  The uninspired days.  The ordinary. The mundane.  The days that are about laundry and dishes and picking fox tails out of socks.  Creative people, which we all are, like to live on the octane of inspiration, but not all days are obviously fueled by  it.  There are days when your feet get knocked out from under you and there are days that are  just are full of tasks and that is about it.

So this morning is one of those.  I have endless tasks.  My to do list is written on a scroll like toilet paper.  There is no end. By the time I get to the end of it, I’ll be 89.   As I flit from one crisis to another, putting out tiny fires and assuaging feelings, I may not find a big sense of accomplishment.  Unless I make my list even longer by breaking the tasks into miniscule bites, there may not be anything to cross off as DONE.  Tasks on a conveyer belt.

I will look for the tiny miracles and minute amazements in the day though.  They are always there– waiting to be noticed like a woman who has lost 1 ½ pounds.  Microscopic yet awesome.  Sometimes, awesome isn’t a heart attack.  Sometimes it is a breath, one brush of the fingers across your arm, a look, a word, a vista.  That’s ok. What matters is that I am available to notice.  Maybe if I can’t see the tiny awesome, I won’t feel the heart attack of the big one.

PS. When I looked at that picture closely, I thought, “my word, did I really cut those bangs? How did I ever get that zig zag pattern?”  And then I saw him with the scissors   ….

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