How I Became a Rock Star

“Can I come?”  I was going nowhere exciting to a 12 year old boy but he was hungry for connection.

“It’s a girlfriend lunch, honey. When I come back, we will do something.”

I offered a trip to the book store, a hike, ice cream shop…nothing appealed.  Finally, and sheepishly, he said, “Can we build?”

“Build what” I retorted though since this kid lives and breathes legos, I already knew.  Build is a  code word for legos.


I shut my eyes so he couldn’t see me roll them. I fought off an urge to make a phone call, make dinner, make a scene.  Deep cleansing breath.  I have sooooo much to do all the time……

“OK”.  I exhaled.

So we built.  He showed me, like a shop teacher shows off his new piece of equipment,  just what pieces did what.  I had no idea that those little tube-y things were called connectors.  Round connectors, tube connectors, turning connectors. The complexity.  Chagrined, I remembered how many of them I had sucked up in the vacuum.   On purpose. (gasp)

I have not spent thousands of hours building legos. So I struggled.  Finally, I put together a few pieces to form a cart. It needed a driver and the guy available was mean looking.  So I stuck some other mean guys on there , added some weapon-looking horns, and a horse to pull.  My celtic war cart.  The Professor was impressed.

We did a bit more until I felt I could bow out.  It wasn’t much and it wasn’t that much time, but I heard later that he bubbled over with tales of my vicious fighting cart and his eyes shone when he talked about how his mother had BUILT LEGOS with him.

A real master’s creation by the Professor, himself.


  1. We should start a club for moms who have too much to do but somehow find time to build with their sons. On Friday night Harrison and I worked on his Lego Star Wars ship. I haven’t vacuumed up any pieces yet but we have lost a few in the thick grey carpet in his room!

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