9 Great Things About Getting Older Part 3

9 Great Things about getting older Part 3

  1.  You don’t even worry about trying to touch your toes .   You just feel good about being able to reach your knees.
  2. You get to take all those cool colored pills.
  3. You get to wear clever little glasses that make you look smarter.  They only look like vanity glasses ; they really are functional.
  4. You get to have a line item in your budget for cosmetic repairs and beauty products only slightly higher than your car payment every month.
  5. People say, “You look great…..for your age.”
  6. You get to find out if you have been abusing your mind or body because they finally catch up to you.
  7. They say it’s good to declutter. You prune all the neurons and brain cells you aren’t using.
  8. Just  the fact that you are still alive means you have been extraordinarily careful…….or lucky.
  9. You just don’t care that much about what people think anymore.  You know you can’t change. So they will have to.

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