Chalk Board Car

I love this!!

Just think, no more list errand lists floating around in your purse. Just write your grocery list on your hood.

Don’t have scratch paper?  Just write on your car.

Jr driving today?  Just scrawl in big letters on the side of the car.  “Call my mom if I am driving over 23 mph.”  It’s brilliant.

Stop looking at me that way.  I can feel that look, even through the computer screen.  This a great concept!  Chalkboard car.

Change your message with your mind.

Notes to your significant other? Good thinking, like “Honk and wave if you think I should buy her flowers.”  He won’t have a clue why all those people are waving at him.

What would you write if you were so lucky as to have a chalkboard car?

I bet Tim would write, “Don’t get too close.  I am wearing my empowerment shoelaces today!!”

Put a comment in the box sharing what you would say, if you had something to tell the world.  Or at least your neighbors and co workers.

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