The Completion Zone

You are now entering the never-finished zone.  I have 2 of those skirts now.  True confessions! Sometimes the perfectionism grabs me by the throat and tries to keep me from finishing something that I don’t really believe in anymore.  Is that good or bad?  Proper time prioritizing ,wasting time or giving up?

I don’t know about sewing but in my former painting world this would sometimes happen.  I would be into a project and want to stop because I hated it, and I lost the vision.  It just wouldn’t come together. Ready to quit and declare it a loss, I would whine to my inner circle.  She would say, keep going.  So I would whine a bit more, drag out the heaviest paint brush in the world (due to Reluctance, the 65 pound monkey, sitting on the handle) and add more paint.  Magically, as I kept painting, the piece would suddenly come alive and “turn out”.  Delighted, I realized I just hadn’t taken it far enough.  “Push through the pain,” a maxim from the delivery room.

So what’s the moral to that little story.  It’s this—often, when you feel the most like quitting, is the best time to keep going.  Because, really, you are much closer to the finished product, the masterpiece,  the completion, than you thought.

Labor on!  The end is in sight.

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