Nothing to Wear and a Paintbrush

A magical little vacation looms and I have nothing to wear.

Well, not really.  That’s just what we (women) all say.  I have been looking for a light sweater or jacket…..and nothing.  Well, not really.  But nothing I liked.

What to do.  I am leaving today.

Yesterday, I got out my paintbrush and did what any painter would do.  I painted my boring white wrap with leopard spots and blue dye.  I got all the major food groups covered–blue for blue jeans, little brown for dirt, white for neutral, and black for everything else.

Fantastic!  At least I have one thing to wear.  Well, not really.  But one thing I am pleased with.

Maybe I should paint my jeans next.


  1. You are brilliant! I would never have thought of painting something, but would have shopped until I was a bitter, grouchy, in-need-of-coffee quitter. Can we paint my jeans next? Is there a magic paint that makes one appear thinner?

  2. oh, i know how you feel, well, i think most women do… i have a dresser full of clothes, i can hardly even close it, and i still have nothing to wear too.
    i think you did something great by personalizing your clothes, that way you have something unique. next time you go shopping you could first search for a nice photo of something you like, then buy something with the same cut and paint it by yourself. that’s usually more fun and makes you wear something more often or longer than if you just go buy some ordinary clothes 😉
    now have fun and enjoy your vacation ^^

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