Dressing for Mediation Again

Got problems?

Mediation going badly?

Hostility high?

Jabs and parries with a sharp verbal knife?

Guilt trips and low blows?

Try this.  A “chain mail” dress.  It even comes with accessories if you are into matchy-matchy.  If the dress isn’t quite the right  look for you, the purse would make a handy shield, should you need to fend off potential impalement or knife twists.

This was displayed in a little boutique in San Miguel de Allende.  I won’t tell if you won’t, but it is actually made of aluminum can tabs.  Bonus points for recycling.

Where would you wear this dress?

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  1. This is much sturdier than the one I made from recycled newspapers 40 years ago. Still, wouldn’t want to stand out in the hot sun for long! What a clever idea. Graceful lines, too. And yes, kudos for recycling. Do you suppose it chimes or tinkles when you move? Maybe this is the new red dress: Every woman should have one in her closet! Not for the odd skirmish, but when you have to stave off the slings and arrows, maces, and lances. But wait–isn’t that what the mediator is for?

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