The Different Drummer

Just because you march to the beat of a different drummer doesn’t mean you never have the urge to turn and run the other way. Nor does it mean you don’t sometimes lose sight of him in the fog.

It just means you keep going, even when you aren’t quite sure which bend he just rounded.

8 thoughts on “The Different Drummer

  1. for those fortunate enough and strong enough to follow the beat of a different drummer realize it is essential for survival and maybe anathema too. there will be times in life where you MUST temporarily take the sticks from the drummer rip them away if you must! THEN look in the mirror–regroup——call a friend—–peak around the bend —–THEN————————-SHIP! (and for sure give the sticks back)

  2. Following a different drummer can be scary just because it is different, hence the urge to run. Difference in and of itself is neither good or bad, so it always requires careful thought, not just a knee-jerk response–either way. But it does require a response. One cannot simply stand there and do nothing. Fortunately, if that drummer is indeed yours to follow, it is the nature of the drummer to be heard. It does not need to be seen in order to be followed.

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