My Dear Reader: We Must Talk

My dear reader.  We must talk.


I have been on a trip to reality and gotten caught up in a maelstorm of quotidian activities, basic survival issues and intense mothering ventures.  Creativity has now and then grabbed me and forced me to try a new recipe, dress up my friend’s dog, and draw little pictures of vegetables on the top of my grocery list.

Otherwise, I have neglected you.  Sometimes there were little chunks of time I could have worked on a skirt or painted, but, I made excuses and felt drained, like overcooked spaghetti.

Funny thing is, being Creative revives me, heartens me, energizes me.

So, I pledge, dear Reader and mostly, Myself, to try again.  I will dust off the wagon’s tire tracks from my clothes, climb back on, and seek more diligently time to Create.

Thanks for listening.



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