Hey, you know, it can take quite awhile to set up to be creative.  Maybe weeks.

What? Months you say.

Yeah, I know. I was gone to Procrastinacia.

So here is how the creative process goes:

  First spend half the day doing essentials….making bread by hand,

roasting butternut squash,

look out the window…..

Then  arrange the  work space (can take weeks to clean out and organize you know), get out materials…..

Finally,  run out of good excuses, time to DO IT…

Done.  For now.


  1. Oh, I absolutely love the sunflowers!!!!!! They really pop with that red background! Good job!!!!! And…I will be over for a slice of that fresh bread… 🙂

  2. Of course. Is there any other way? Still, you could throw in mowing the lawn, walking the dogs, shampooing the dogs then mopping the floor then (oh what the heck) taking a bath yourself… Creativity takes many forms. Perhaps true procrastination is the ultimate creative expression.

  3. Homemade bread, roasted squash, beautiful scenic view, and stunning sunflower art make for a perfect Fall day! Thanks for sharing that with us.

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