A Short Conversation on Fashion in a Boybarian Household

We talk about fashion sometimes on this blog.  In my own personal environment, it rarely comes up.  Here is how our conversations go at home, on the FASHIONABLE look.

“Tag goes in the back, man.”

“Your shirt is on backward.”

“Lets have a party and invite your pants down.”

“Hey I think those are your brother’s pants.”

“You can’t wear those things in public. Not as long as I am your mama.”

“Anyone seen my shoes?”

“How could they just walk off by themselves?”

“Does this make me look fat.?”  JUST KIDDING.  Wanted to see if you were awake.

In honor of the testosterone -driven take on fashion around here.  I presented some of  boys with a purse and they gave me their take on it.

Tune in next time, when the horses have a turn and the Whirlwind, almost 7 years old opines, “Boys don’t need purses. That’s lady’s stuff.”


    1. One time Jacob got a gift sent from an aunt in California that somehow had a coin purse mixed in the box on accident. It was black and had kind of manly studs on it, so Jacob was really confused by it. We told him that maybe it was a ‘Euro man purse’. So his thank you note goes: “Dear Aunt Debbie, Thank you for the man purse. I’m sorry but I can only use it in California when I come to visit. If I use it here, the farm kids will beat the crap out of me. Sincerely, Jacob”

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