New Tradition: The Once a Year Diary


Too many cups of coffee, 3 hours, 2 pumpkin pancakes and a red pepper pesto omelet later, we had completed our mission–to review our tiny moleskins from last year, same time.  In overly conscientious handwriting , we had each covered two wee pages with the topics of the day.  Or should I say year.  On the first page, we had  written statements about where we were last year at that time. I do not mean physically where we were, but rather what was happening in and around and to our lives.  I had written: divorce in process, worried about dividing assets, thinking of starting a blog, not writing, not painting, not cooking, sewing.  The next page we had written 5 goals for the year. One of mine was to start a new creative venture.

We exchanged updates fast and furiously. “Remember, last year at this time you were…..”  It was fascinating to realize how much can change in a year.  All the big things we were facing, all the things that seemed they were immoveable—they had  changed in one way or another.  All the goals we had set, except one for each of us, were accomplished.

So if you feel stuck in your life, trapped, are facing huge scary changes or are otherwise bored with your life,  start a new tradition. Grab a tiny notebook and pen, a dear friend, and several cups of coffee.  Write and talk about where you are now and where you want to go that year.   Then set a date for the following year for your joint yearly review.

What can happen in a year?

Everything! Write it DOWN.



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