The Painted Yellow Butterfly


Yellow Butterfly


I am painting, not sewing so much.  But, that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for……………………….right?

Butterflies are helpful as I teach myself to stay loose and not do portrait-type paintings.  This is about fun.  Lots of pigment, lots of water, little details.  I want it to say  Happy.  Maybe I’ll paint a SKIRT.


      1. Like that! I hadn’t thought of that as a reason to be drawn to butterflies but it’s perfect. I saw a quote recently that went something like, at the moment the caterpillar thought she was going to die, she turned into a butterfly. Thx.

  1. There was a time when I was making huge changes in my life. I wore a butterfly pendant to signify those changes–the metamorphosis. As for art, it just is no matter the medium you use. As Yoda said, “Just do.” I love your flutterby.

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