The Purpose of This Blog IS……….

For those of you who are new to this blog, yeah, you, the one in the purple shirt, joining my 2 other readers, I thought I would tell you a long exotic tale about why this blog exists.  You are probably wondering why it’s called ASKIRTAWEEK when there hasn’t been a skirt around this blog for….uh……well…..let me see………well, lets just say a little while, at least since last year. ( last skirt post or was it this one? ). Please, pay no attention to the date on those posts. Um….Ok.

This blog was orginally set up to SEDUCE ME  into painting. I used to paint, long ago and far away. It was another place and another time–long before children, specifically boys,  roamed by domain and took over my life, mind and finances–I painted.  I painted clothing and sold it to stores and individual patrons (cool huh?  I had patrons.  Don’t you wish you had patrons?  Now I just have crow’s feet).  Here is one of my favorite patrons, Lynn O”Connor:

Anyway, as I was saying, I sold painted clothing.  To Patrons and boutiques…..Where was I?  Oh yes, well due to many factors, not limited to boybarians, small children and babies which will pretty much stop any creative endeavor in it’s tracks–especially if it involved a medium that could be tracked or poured all over the house—painting companies and boutiques going out of business, life, life’s entanglements etc,  I shelved my business.

After a while, I lost my groove.  Yes I could still paint but what?  Like a middle aged pianist who hasn’t touched the instrument since college and can’t imagine regaining the ability long dormant, I avoided but longed.

So, I started this blog in a round about way, to trick my mind into getting back in a creative mode.  Painting was threatening and scary and my own expectations about my abilities sucked the creativity right out of my brain.  Sewing was something I wasn’t good at.  Expectations were low (and still are).  As I handled the embryonic skirt , stitching and ripping out and stitching  and ripping out, I began to imagine decorating the fabric.  With Paint.

What? Pick up a paint brush?



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