A Skirt A Week, so there!

At least ONE of the three of you Dear Readers has complained that there is NOT a skirt a week. And you KNOW who you are.  And so do I.

Just so YOU know, I am taking it very personally.   Yes, I did say a SKIRT but I did not specify in the bylaws of this blog that it would be painted, worn, sewn (or it is sewed), draped over the shoulders, or otherwise in some format you won’t expect. Maybe I will just use it in a sentence. It’s all legal.

So this is for you, Dear complaining Reader.  I want you to know that I CARE about your feelings and I wanted to make things right and not skirt the issue which is that I did not live up to your expectations.

So here is your SKIRT of the WEEK.  Happy now?

Dear one remaining Reader, do you think this might affect my reputation as a philosopher and deep thinker?

(No wonder kids don’t want to be seen with their parents these days.)

Stay tuned for next time when we interview some poor unsuspecting fellow artist.  Oh I better ask him before he reads this post and tries to skirt the issue……….

What do you think, dear Reader–I mean, Mom, —-do you think I have been spending too much time hanging around with children and dogs…….no really?  do you ? ……..I want to know your thoughts…….


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