Artist and Author Interview: Timothy Lefler

Tim and I have only ever met once, over Chinese food. In common we had art and singleness, but mostly we talked about art and writing.  It is always exciting to meet another artist/author in his case.   He humors me by reading my blog and telling me he is saving up to buy a piece of my art, and I critique the book chapters and try to explain the inner workings of the female mind as he would try to interpret Mabel Normand, his muse.  We communicate the modern way–over the internet.

1. What is your art form/creative endeavor?

Right now I am engrossed in writing a biography about the silent screen star Mabel Normand. Such an amazing story, and so little known. Mabel was a Feminist hero before anyone had even heard the word.

2. When did you decide you were creative?

I was always doomed for the artistic life.  When you write and draw even when you don’t want to, you are an artist! I used to make up poems and draw portraits to attract girls. (Didn’t help.)

3. Where do you create/write?

I always isolate myself. I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing by bending over a laptop for two and a half years.  When you really nail something, you know it.  You go to bed and sleep with a smile.  Then you wake up and start revising!

4. When are you most creative?

When I have a pretty girl nearby telling me how great I am!  I don’t write well with a broken heart.

5. If money were no object, how would you spend your time?

Reading. Writing. Drawing. Potty Break.  (Repeat as needed)

6. What would make you most happy right now?

Being a 100% self-supporting author!  Doing a book signing, and saying “thanks”a lot.

7. Is happy compatible with creativity?

It is for me. When you’re down everything becomes autobiographical.  There’s not much market for that.  As an artist, you have to make a statement that’s larger than yourself.

8. Finish this sentence.  I never leave the house without—–

a cell phone so I can text all my friends while I’m drinking and driving!  It’s a real art form!  Skid mark Gothic!

9.I never wear just——- one sock. (on my head.)

10 .Who has inspired you the most?

Anyone who reads my work and says, “cool.”

11. When you are 110, you will look back and your life and say

I did it! (But I can’t remember it.)

12. Skirts. Tell us your opinion:

I am pro-skirts! I say UP with skirts!

Wait, I meant . . .

Thanks Tim.  You are such a good sport!

Ps Tim?  Tim.  Website???? Lets promote this book!  Tim….


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