The Quotidienness of Courage

We need our superheros; they remind us that we are only a little lower than angels, that somewhere in the depravity and sorrow of human existence, there is still a spark of the divine.  They give us hope that we too can reach deep within ourselves to find the guts to do something we never thought possible.

We forget that we do that everyday.

I think courage is a daily thing–it is all around us.  We don’t recognize it because we didn’t feel strong at the time.  Courageous can be little things.  It is getting out of bed and putting flowers on the table for breakfast when you know already it is going to be a really tough day.  It is calling your mom anyway, when you know what’s coming.  It is saying hello and pretending to act genuinely interested in the clerk’s existence when you aren’t sure you have the energy to deal with your own.  It is hugging a relation knowing they stiffen and pull away every time.  It is reaching out to ________( fill in the blank), when you were wrong or neglectful and they really do have the right to be offended.

Daily courage is the teen learning to live with her new diagnosis.  It is her mom, cheek to cheek, with her on the learning curve. It is sending out the resume again and again. It is tears, exhaustion, denial, and then doing it anyway.

It is taking a step toward the fear.  And sometimes, it is just turning to look at it.

Do YOU think there is such as thing as daily courage?  Or is it a virtue that exists only in the extraordinary moments?

Finish this sentence.  To me, courage is ____________________________.


  1. Courage is……doing the very best I know how. No matter how big the challenge, how difficult the circumstances or how long it takes to finish. It is always within us to use when we choose. Courageousness pays off in huge dividends—–self-satifaction, gratitude, self-respect and respect from others, peace of mind and body, the overcoming of fear or change, to name a few.

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