Whinging to Myself

Too much whine turns into self pity.  Self pity is by definition exaggerated misfortunes and self indulgence.  It limits creativity and joy and wallowing in things normally loved.  It seeks condolescences from others and rejects responsibility.

I have been whining about the amount of work I have rolling toward me in a tidal wave.

Maybe I need courage I thought.  (look thoughtfully into the distance with a pious expression).

Maybe I just need to shut up, stop moaning, admit that I choose this path even though I didn’t want to, and just get going.

I am going to need all my energy to go forward.  Complaining, even to myself, is boring, nonproductive and, yes, …….well,……. self indulgent.  Courage is important but what I need right now is just ordinary self discipline.

What about you?  Ever wonder where the line is between courage and self discipline? Or is there one?

Reading assignment for me:

Don’t Be A Princess


  1. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is rather the judgement that something is more important than fear. Cowboy Wisdom of the Day

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