Valentine’s Day Manifesto

I wanted to write a kinda of manual for the love-lorn, -torn and maimed– survival techniques for the onslaught of Selling Romance-Frenzy and Love-i-ness going on this time of year.  Here we are, celebrating a day that a die-hard romantic Roman priest got clubbed and beheaded for helping people get married.  Usually that happens after the the divorce, but poor St Valentine didn’t even get that far.  Martyred for love.  Don’t we all know it.  I had lot of smart, and funny  ideas, I thought.  But every time I read my script, tweaking and polishing, it sounded more cynical and hurt.  Try as I might, St Valentine doesn’t like being made fun of and he wasn’t taking it sportingly.  No romantic would without a fight.   Between you and me, don’t we all, deep down, wish for a roaring passionate true love?  And that’s where the cynicism comes in.

So, instead of nurturing the cynical, I will love on those I love and be grateful for those who love me back.  I am blessed and so are you.  I will give my fellow single girl friends chocolates, make silly poetry out of worded candy hearts with my children, and tell all the Beloveds in my life they are more important than coffee ice cream with chocolate chips.  And let me tell you, THAT IS A DECLARATION OF  TRUE LOVE!!!

I am heading to the freezer now…..Thank goodness I don’t have to fit in some slinky dress….


Flowers for you my 3 Dear Readers.  Mmm–waaaa.


  1. I feel you have a pretty good idea of what love is. Maybe it it knowing what love could be, should be, would be or may be! Remember love does make the heart grow stronger.

  2. TIffany-

    I’ve loved your mostly-weekly-updates; this one is no exception. Your sage advice and descriptive words are heartfelt and oh-so-fun to read! Thanks for brightening up our lives with your talent!!

  3. I love the heart! What’s the medium?

    Love and kisses back to you, sweet friend. Look forward to sharing the day together on Thursday.

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