The Hol(e)y Door

In case you weren’t paying attention, I will tell you again– I live with four bouncing boys.

Don’t ask.

Sometimes things just happen. Read this:

Things I Would Have Never Learned Had I Had Daughters Instead of Sons

Number 10 is the story here.  And this was the Guest Bathroom door.  Meaning that…well most people don’t expect a peephole in the door of the guest bano…..It’s a problem.


So, as I was having a little party. It became time to do some repairs.  Here is a solution. ( Hey, be nice.  PEOPLE this might make Design Sponge; we can all dream.)

So first I painted some little canvases with the letters G, U, E, S, T.  And glued them over the holes.  (remember, glue and duct tape are your best friends).

Nice. Solved the problem, but boring.  Time to embellish.  I have Klimt on the brain.

And FINALLY, after slaving over a hot paintbrush…. Voila

And the Hole PICTURE

Necessity is the mother of invention and all that.  And should you come over, having imbibed a 24 oz soda on the way, you will pleased to note the artwork on the door of the guest powder room.  AND< when I say, turn left at hall, can’t miss it, you will believe me.  Further, I bet you will never look at art on a door the same way again.

Ingredients: glue gun, glue, small canvases, Inspiration. Ta dah!


  1. GREAT!! You got style girl! What did you do to the otherside of the door. If nothing, you better get cracking. I will be there Friday and you know how mothers are! Love you. Mean it.

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