The Birthday Bathroom


So, I KNOW my mama loves me.  She drove out, slept in a boy’s bed to spent 2 days helping me paint my bathroom.

It had never been painted. Ever. Six years of unclean-able dirty white spray texture. I didn’t even ask her; she offered.  I think you can tell how much people love you by the things they are willing to do for you.  She volunteered to climbing around on a ladder, stroke a brush on the walls, sit on the floor peering at a line between the baseboard and the floor, scrub, mix, mask, wash, suffer……   This is something I did not even want to endure  for myself and I get to look at it every day.

Painting my space was part of moving into my new life too.  She knew that mattered to me.

Thank you Mama!

(I am afraid to talk to her today.  She is probably popping Aleve pills, legs propped up, icing her joints, calling the chiropractor, manicure ruined ……All in the name of kid-love. )

It’s like walking into an aquarium.  Turquoise.  It’s clean, fresh, different, me.

Here’s a cool link to a lot of turquoise in case you think it’s not a color to live with.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I admit, though, I am still getting used to mine.  Makes me want to put on my bathing suit– NOT REALLY.


  1. It looks like your pent up artistic energy has burst forth in a creative tsunami! Love the bathroom, love the guest bath door, new name, etc., etc. Much more interesting than skirts, I must say. You are right, your mom is an awesome lady! We feel privileged to get to share her a little bit!

    1. Like your comment. I have never thought of turquoise as womb like. I usually think of warmer colors that way but maybe I am being too literal and you have introduced me to a new idea. Thank you.

  2. OK, I LOVE it! I was concerned when you said aqua, but that is PERFECT! And, a great start at a new, energetic, beach-filled, fun-loving, going-places, dog-infested (just kidding) life. Time to feel the difference. (Maybe go eat some chocolate too. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence O decorator woman! I still look for fish whenever I walk in there but the thought of RE-painting calms my fears of sharks or lionfish (or dogfish). and I think, it’s FINE, just FINE.

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