Playing Artist’s Tricks on Myself

It’s extravagant for someone with my budget.

I did it anyway.  I bought 2 bunches of sunflowers.  I love sunflowers.  Inspiration.

I am painting today and  I want to paint a big canvas.  It’s 40″ x 40″.  But there it sits…..waiting until I can paint something perfectly.  Yes, welcome to the inner mind of an artist.  That’s why we spend so much time trying to distract or better, permanently maim our inner critic.

This is how I tried to trick my critic this time.

I painted, and I painted sunflowers.

I love it.

There is a problem though.  I could lose it. Down a mouse hole.


It’s microscopic.

I was thinking that if it’s small, I can’t make a big mistake!

Also won’t waste paper and paints. See mothers and kindergarten teachers?!  You can scar the budding artists for life by telling them not to waste art supplies. Don’t do it. Look what happened to me.

Maybe next time I will get really brave and try a 4 x 6 inch canvas.

By the way, that is the canvas I really want to paint.  We will just call the micro painting a mock-up.


  1. Beautiful… and Hilarious!! Just like you. Now, make a big version and sell it! By the way, my brother-in-law is showing off pics of his puppy-to-be just like a real dad-to-be! Its so cute…

  2. My art teacher told me that if I didn’t stop messing around with details he was going to take away my brushes and give me a house painting brush! He didn’t, but I eventually went out and bought one for myself. I still have it and still use it!

    And mistakes? Mistakes are just interesting things we hadn’t thought of. Some of the best art is the result of “mistakes.”

    Here’s an assignment: Do a painting with as many mistakes in it as you can think of to make–colors, placement, size, balance, organization, perspective, contrast….whatever. Then tell us what happened.Did the earth disappear? Life cease to exist? Somebody took out headlines about it in the local paper? Did you learn something?

    1. Oh but I am a mother, I already know all about mistakes. hahahahahah
      So the earth won’t disappear but I would have WASTED art supplies and you know how much a tube of paint runs. It’s more than those bunches of sunflowers!!!…….

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