Shockingly, A New Skirt

Ok. I know, I know. You all complained about the dearth of skirts around here before.  I have had this one ready for awhile but due to rain, hail, and snow, it’s debut was postponed.

It’s an unveiling!

Hey, wait a minute…

My photographer preferred to photo the dog.  Who can blame her.

No comments on the shockingly white gams please.  We will revisit that topic at a later date. 

The skirt is several cotton handkerchiefs that I sloshed and smooshed paint all over and sewed together….GASP…without a pattern.  Hence the couture fit.


The paint is , because you always ask, acrylic fabric paint, set with an iron.

Yes, I painted the tee shirt to go with the skirt.  I don’t know why. Maybe because it was white and boring and there is was, calling for paint.

There you go.

Thanks for cheering me on.

2 thoughts on “Shockingly, A New Skirt

  1. Tiffany–your effervescent, adorable, quirky, charming sense of humor is absolutely refreshing to read. Your creativity is amazing–thanks for making this little window in your life a part of my day!

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