Shockingly, A New Skirt

Ok. I know, I know. You all complained about the dearth of skirts around here before.  I have had this one ready for awhile but due to rain, hail, and snow, it’s debut was postponed.

It’s an unveiling!

Hey, wait a minute…

My photographer preferred to photo the dog.  Who can blame her.

No comments on the shockingly white gams please.  We will revisit that topic at a later date. 

The skirt is several cotton handkerchiefs that I sloshed and smooshed paint all over and sewed together….GASP…without a pattern.  Hence the couture fit.


The paint is , because you always ask, acrylic fabric paint, set with an iron.

Yes, I painted the tee shirt to go with the skirt.  I don’t know why. Maybe because it was white and boring and there is was, calling for paint.

There you go.

Thanks for cheering me on.


  1. Tiffany–your effervescent, adorable, quirky, charming sense of humor is absolutely refreshing to read. Your creativity is amazing–thanks for making this little window in your life a part of my day!

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