Painting Pears

Finally leaning on a paint brush….

I have a head full of new knowledge and no new ability.  YET.  So now, thanks to my rocking art class, I am better at knowing what is wrong with my paintings, and MAYBE, what I should do about  it .


Yes mom.  (oh that’s me).

So I started with a pear because I did get that part of the class.  This is the broad spectrum lighting effect.  See Bob, I was listening.

And, of course,  sunflowers.  You should ALWAYS be working on a series, says the Master painter Bob.  Good thing!  Then I can justify my sunflower expenditure at Trader Joe’s.  I have to leave a couple things off my grocery list. But hey, it’s for a good cause.  IT’S FOR ART’S  SAKE.


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