Still Life

Still Life.  Snort.

There ain’t any of that going on around here.

With 4 boys, dogs, various and assundry other menagerie members, STILL is not a word in our household.  Ask any boy from around here what STILL means.  They will tell you  their mom uses that word all the time but it has never been defined.  Probably it’s a swear word from the tone of her voice.  Sometimes, SHE looks still at the end of the day.  Pale and still and clammy.

So, in honor of the word STILL.  As in peaceful, not vibrating, quiet not loud, noiseless not screaming, calm, soothing and otherwise mute, motionless and moored  (I fantasize about this word–don’t tell anyone).  Here are a couple anchored, at a standstill, imobile, inert, moored, nailed down, parked, stable, standing, static, stock-still, unmoving and not sword fighting members of my household.

No applause please, too loud, only sign language.

And my favorite, The Dramatic Asparaguses!

Stay tuned for Extreme Silliness next time, when I take myself very seriously and present Feathers As An Accessory Item for Spring 2012: Do You Need Them and What DoYou Do With The Eggs.


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog so I could find yours! Great setup! I grew up in CA, and left when I was 19. I didn’t regret it for a very long time. Now I miss it, but only when I’m visiting! 🙂 I love the mid-Atlantic! I love your blog and plan to follow–isn’t that picture of Italian coast awesome! I totally want to go there–my travel bucket list is sooo long. Looking forward to more posts.

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