How To Be A Boy Mama

The Manchild has been dying to teach me to shoot.  Dying.  I might need to defend the homestead one day…against snakes.  Rabbits.  Ground squirrels.  (Land Sake’s son!  Get the MUSKET!  Injuns.)

“Remember Mom, when that one looked right in the window?”

I have been deferring.  I get enough weaponry in referree-ing sword fights.  Daily.  I would rather close the blinds than shoot the snake looking in the window, thank you.

Today, I succumbed to the pressure.  Big grins and excitement all around.  And I even approached celebrity status, missing the bullseye by a millimeter on my first shot.  The boys have no first hand knowledge of course, only stories by grandma, but once I was a tomboy…’s part of my legend.

Curtis and me, Circa Ladner, 1973

It’s good to surprise your kids sometimes.  Let them know there is much more to you than meets the eye.

Actually, it’s a good thing for more than just your kids to know….. Even you yourself should know that.  It’s what keeps you, in your mom-, do-everything-for-everyone role, alive and vibrant as a woman.

And, because this is a blog occasionally about fashion,  I made sure I wore appropriate shoes to my target practice lesson.

“Each of us has that right, that possibility, to invent ourselves daily. If a person does not invent herself, she will be invented. So, to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise.”  Maya Angelou


  1. Oh you fit the mom-of-4-boys position perfectly! Capable, smart, pretty, and CAN HANDLE A RIFLE! Even got the correct body posture down! I’m extremely impressed! (The shoes look good too!)

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