Onion Relations

I fell in love with them at the farmstand in Redlands.  Snuggled next to the strawberries and the bulging bags of navels, sat  big bulbous red onions and luminescent Mauis.  Curveous and colorful.


Bob Burridge, my favorite artist and master teacher says Pears sell well at art shows because of their similarity to the, uh, well, you know, female form.  What about Onions, I thought?  They are nestled next to each other in the box like big bottomed couch potatoes who watch too many sitcoms.   What is more like humans than onions?  They are curveous,  make things taste richer and life more spicy.  Hurt them though and watch out!  They will make you cry.  Your breath may stink but if the two of you are in it together, it’s worth it.  Layer upon layer,  with every one you peel off, they get more pungent and more known.

So here are some of my new Onion Portraits from my Relational Onions Series.  Sit in Starbucks and people watch.  No kidding.  You will begin to see onions everywhere.  You will thank me for this insight…….someday. Send money.

The Idea:

Laying down the colors

The Portraits, so to speak.

Why paint?  Because you get to PLAY with this!  Pure pigment! Slather it ON.

Ain’t those onions sweet?

Makes me just want to cry big tears.  How can I ever cook an onion again? If you are a deep thinking person, it might  make you wonder–

Is Vegetarianism really ethical?

Do onions  know marinara sauce is their destiny?

Is carmelization next to godliness for vegetables?

Join us next time when we talk about Cooking With Onions: Do They Feel It and What Can You Do About It?

PS. The Professor read this and said, “Mom, it’s over the top.  You have had too much caffeine today.”

I love when they say that to me.


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