Chickens as Art

Every morning, I trudge out to the chicken pen to sketch chickens.  They aren’t bird shape, you know.  As you examine their bulky shape, you can certainly note the lack of aerodynamic-ness of their figures and see why they don’t fly.  Then, neither do pigs.  The only aerodynamic shape left is their tiny sleek heads.  Big enough for 2 neurons.  One for laying eggs, one for eating.   The rooster has 3. (Never mind)  Really, when you spend time sketching hens every morning, you have time to ponder these great questions.  Hey, don’t make fun of me.  What earth shattering, life changing questions did you ponder before your coffee this morning?  Where are my socks?  Should it be a black bra or white? Come on.  At least I am thinking  out of the box.  Or out of the house, as it were.

Chickens are really hard to sketch.  They don’t hold still. They don’t pose like modern children do, freezing photogenically when ever any image capturing device appears.  I mean, hens don’t exactly zoom around the yard, unless you are throwing grapes–then they WILL sprint.  But their heads zip this way, and peck and turn one eye and then the other.  Lots of jerky little moments. Watch them long enough, you will get carsick.   God hadn’t inventing ballet dancing when he came up with chickens.  They are in the primitive, barely myelinated  movement group.

So I draw them.  Every day this week.  Why?  Because.  There are they are.  And I like them.  And I owe them a portrait in repayment for humoring me with my fashion spread on feathers (article here)  and exercise (silliness here).

And I need a new series. Can’t afford sunflowers…(when I could here).

Stay tuned next time for what happens when I PAINT chickens.

And ask this question–

Do people buy chicken portraits as often as they do pears (reference here) ? (if you don’t get it, it’s because you haven’t been one of the three people reading my blog regularly. Click on the links in the article to catch up . Mom, are you still there?)


  1. A couple questions for you. Is this chicken scratch? And are chickens ever chic? No matter, I think chicken art is fun!

  2. I love the last sketch on this week’s blog. The left side of the chook has a hint of a feminine face in profile. Love it!

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