Happy Summer! Gone to the Dogs

Some of you wonder about me.  Good!!!  That is a victory for me.  Yes, I did try to take a chicken for a walk and pretend they were high fashion.  But, Dear Three Readers (hi Mom), listen closely to me .  I do not put my  dogs in sweaters nor do I set them afloat on rafts in the swimming pool.

That flight of fancy belongs to Eric, companion to canines and a friend of mine.  Thanks for the photos Eric!  They are so fun. If I had a pool that beautiful, I would be making up excuses to photograph it .

You Dear Reader are wondering if the dogs are happy.  I think so.  They look completely relaxed.  You can almost see the glass of iced tea in their paws and here them purring ……oh wait, wrong species.

Happy Summer and keep the sunscreen on.


  1. So that is your secret behind breeding such awesome dogs. I need a pool! One day, you will have many readers, when they discover your wit and humor. Glad to be one of them as you always make me smile with your creative posts.

    1. The pool is a host family’s. I am lucky to have some of the best host families around. Sometimes, I even get to visit Eric’s paradise where he and Cobber reside! Feels like a vacation spot.

  2. Our dog, Bernie, is one of the lucky ones to spend time with Eric and Cobber… in my next life I’m coming back as a dog and going to move in with Eric…

  3. Tiff–your blog entries never cease to put a smile across my face! This was especially apropos… we had a lovely 110 degree day today in Phoenix, so I could relate to the lack of hesitation to get on a floating device in the pool!!

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