Chicken Art: Thwarting the Artist

People, Dear Readers, Mom and other fans (she says hopefully).



I am about fed up with the chicken portraits. Bird brained, selfish, hen pecked, wretched, self absorbed FOWL! (Have you ever looked up synonyms for hens or chickens?  Of course not, but I have.   Not words you want on your epitaph.)  They are not cooperating.  When you have only 2 neurons, how can you cooperate? (You know PEOPLE like this, don’t you?)

I am at point every artist is at, quite frankly with almost every painting, where the fireplace looks like a good final resting place for the canvas and you consider giving it all up and taking up selling road finds on ebay.


There I said it.

Even sounds like a swear word…………………  Well, maybe a vegan one.

So if my next post is a recipe for chicken noodle soup, you will know that I wrestled with Poultry, succumbing to artistic violence.

And that, dear Reader (the rest of you are snoring by now), is the point with creative endeavors.  You are closest to the end when you are at the point of despair.  When I hate my painting the most is when I am almost done and if I push on, keep going just a little longer, even though I’d rather tweeze hair out of my nostrils , ….suddenly….it is THERE!

Tah Dah.  The @$%#%$^&$$  Rooster,  7 layers of paint later.

Stay tuned next time when we reveal what to do about Chicken Legs:  A Real Life Solution that Won’t Take the Hair Off Your Gams.

PS. It is the first time I have had caffeine in three weeks!! Can you tell?


  1. I thinkj you’ve created something to crow about! You certainly don’t have to “eat crow” with this one!

  2. What you’re missing, my dear, is REAL inspiration. In chickendom, you can’t beat the Polish chicken. Totally useless when it comes to egg laying and parenting skills, and too skinny for good eats. They look like a cross between Phyllis Diller and punk rockers. I gave mine to the county fair. They used them in a chicken chasing contest. If the kid caught it, he/she could keep it. That will teach the parents to let their kids run around the fair unattended. If the link below works, enjoy. If not, Google Polish chickens.

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