Nine trips to Home Depot So Far: My Outdoor Room

I want an outdoor room.

My best patio faces due HOT.  I mean, west.  The afternoon sun is so intense, sitting there I would break out in melanoma in 3 minutes.  My mint julep would wilt (explanation of mint julep here for nonsoutherners).  I might sweat and that is not becoming for a belle.

I need a curtain.

So I did what any ignorant, naive do-it-yourselfer would do.  I went to Home Depot.  Over and over and over.  They know my name. They know my birthdate. They know my birth stone.  I am expecting to get invited to the company picnic.  A Home Depot skirt might be inspired… wait I think I did one already.  Let me look……

Here it is !

The curtain is made of Painter’s Drop Cloth. I bet you think that is cute and I did it on purpose.  Not true.  It’s cheap and heavy, and I didn’t have to sew anything except tabs on the top.

The rod was trial and error.  Started with a long wooden pole, scrapped that and ended up with a metal pipe.

Here’s my tally

Home Depot-2 trips for research, 1 to buy painter’s drop cloth. another trip to buy a second one cuz I chickened out the first time.  2 trips to 2 different Fabric Stores for webbing for the tabs.  Trip to see Step Dad to talk him into sewing on the tabs for me–priceless.  2 trips for the wooden rod, 1 trip for fitting in middle,  2 trips for the metal pipe I had to recut to fit the space.

BTW, women–(men close your eyes for a minute).  It took 11 men to figure this out. (all the people I asked for advice or help with tools).

There will undoubtedly be a few more trips to Home Depot  as I fluff my new room.  At least they know me now.

Tell us, how many trips have you made to the “home improvement” store for a project???  Put your tally in the comment section.


  1. I was going to do my patio, too–same reason. But I was going to get long plastic window boxes and plant green beans to grow up the strings I’d put between the boxes and the edge of the patio roof. We get about two weeks of really hot sun here, and there should be plenty of time for the plants to grow into a lush screen before that happens. Went twice to Home Depot as they assured me both times they had the boxes. They didn’t. They have wooden window boxes, pretty and expensive. I could buy a lot of organic green beans for the cost of those boxes. Gave up and went to WalMart where I bought large round pots and bush beans. Still no screen, of course, but no sun yet, either.

  2. Far more than I want to remember or higher than I can count! By the way, speaking of Southern Belles, don’t let Scarlett O’Hara see your latest creation. She would take it down in a New York minute and WEAR it!

  3. Tiffany! As usual, your descriptive commentary is hilarious, and it always comes with pictures! Thank you for another giggle for the day;-)

    Home Depot. Yes, when living in a foreclosure [not really–that stage is long over!], one tends to find their way to that “wonderland” and the troden path is a smooth, narrow little way with weeds growning on it no more. I think even the cows follow it

    Despite having the Lowe’s or Home Depot credit card, they DO know our personal information and we’re close, close friends. Or at least they like us to think so. In all actuality, if the store manager saw us come into his store, I know he wouldn’t know us from Adam. No biggie. We still need his “stuff”!

    Keep writing, Tiffany. You’re a ray of sunshine at the beginning of every day!

    1. It’s just a metal ring with a carabiner at the top to give a little support the the middle of a fairly long span.

      What can I say? It’s girl DIY. Haha. And no duct tape in sight!

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