My Laundry Room: Frieda Kahlo’s Zoo Meets Martha Stewart, Part 1

The rest of the story—after climbing ladders balanced on paint cans  (hahahahaha).

The story if you missed it– HERE.

My laundry room, bruised and battered after 6 years of boys, boots, dogs, varmints and horses…

I decided, in a moment of fantasy, to paint a mural on my wall to cover up the abuses of life. Gosh, that was dumb. I could have been finished long ago had I but chosen the easy way.

EASY Way 1. Roll on plain paint

EASY WAY2  take the light bulb out of the ceiling. Pull blinds.

But I didn’t do that. So here it is. Wall one of the Sistine Chapel.   And it might take me as long as the Sistine Chapel did to complete……

Note the ORGANIZED little Martha Steward style boxes with everything DECANTED into it’s own container.  I have always wanted to use DECANT in a sentence. Haven’t you?  Told you there were  horses in there……

Don’t hold your breath for part 2. First I have to have physical therapy on my knees.  Just kidding……


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