8 Questions to Ask (or Not) on a First Date

Ever notice that Dating is a D word. Like Death, Divorce, Demise, Dirt, Disgust…….of course Delight starts with D also…….Well, that doesn’t fit my premise, so never mind.

Anyway, here are a few suggestions to spark a conversation for those of us treading water in the shark tank of life.

Date Questions for Conversational Success–

1. What despot in history do you most resemble?

2. Did your parents or grandparents meet at Walmart?

3. Was your family ever in an epidemiological or public health study?

4. Have you ever burned anything down?

5. Have you ever had a full body scan? Why?

6. Have you ever taken your clothes off in public? What happened after that?

7. Were any of your ancestors beheaded, hanged, or electrocuted?

8. Do you have an orange jumpsuit hanging in your closet?

Good luck with those.  Let me know.  And for those of you smugly in relationships, you can try those captivating questions out on your friends, relatives and inlaws–see what happens!

It’s a jungle fish tank out there……

PS Legal Disclaimer:  I am not responsible for your black eye or missing teeth after trying these ideas.  Use any of my suggestions purely at your own peril.  Common sense is advised but may inhibit mirth.

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  1. You could add, how many jobs have you had in the last six weeks, are you planning on me paying for dinner, do stupid people say you have anger issues, what was the result of your last HIV test, and the ever-popular, whose fault was that?

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