Tweaking the Appaloosa

A little peak behind the scenes and into the mind of the artist.  Scared? Keep your  hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

Watch this.

Background layers of color. About three so far. White for the horse.  Purposefully leaving turquoise showing.

This scene: Lots of water makes the black paint fan out.

It’s too dark. I want more turquoise showing and more varigation in the background.  So, don’t be scared (I am ) but I smeared on a bunch of turquoise, then I will go back over it with browns and golds.

More mess. Is it any wonder my phone has paint on it.  I love to paint with my fingers!!

More layers, more paint, little alcohol, more color to the eye.  The finished product.  Looks great in person!


  1. Hey, how about a time lapse video of the actual painting of the picture?! That would be awesome, I want to watch you paint. There are free ipad apps that do that. We got one for Jake to photograph his corn growing in his science fair project. That would be so cool! Get your techie kiddo on that! Haha

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