STOP!!! Don’t open that frig til you READ this.

New things coming at Askirtaweek!

Wondering what’s for dinner?  Nothing in the frig? (you know, like nothing to wear as you stare into your closet).


Don’t have to time to cook?  You or your kids eat every day but you don’t have time/inclination/energy/interest in cooking every day?

Are you a mompreneur? dadpreneur? overly busy? scheduled? unscheduled? lazy? a Martha? blonde?

ASkirtaweek is going to put on an APRON and COOK.  The idea is LEVERAGING YOUR EFFORTS.

“But Tiffany”, you whine, “there are lots of cooking blogs out there.”

Yes. I know. I read them.

But they won’t do cooking like I do.  Period. End of story.  Watch and Learn.  hahahah.

This will be fun!! Join me.



PS. I can put on an apron. See.

PSS. Note: for long term readers, all 3 of you, mom included.  A dress counts.  As long as I wear one now and then, it COUNTS as a skirt aweek. So there.


  1. OK, I will follow you but only if you can help me not have to cook “Hamburger Helper” at least twice a week. Seriously, I need a cooking overhaul. 🙂

  2. Tiffany,
    I love that you are going to cook (and I think it totally qualifies for a skirt a week if you wear a dress). With anticipation I await your recipes and pics!

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